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Welcome to the Kingdom of Corinthia!
The Kingdom of Corinthia is a event based medieval society based in Utica N.Y. We hold periodic events which are centered in the 13th century. However, we are not a living history group. Our Kingdom is set in a mythical continant of the coast of the New World called Corinthia. At events we hold many activities such as games, heavy padded weapon combat tourniments and feasts.

The Kingdom of Corinthia is run like a small country whos nobles and king are in charge of the basic activities and operations of the kingdom. The Kingdom is split into two seperate branches, the Nobility and the Knighthood. To be a noble, you must join a trade guild, develop your medieval garb and equipment and advance within the guild. To be a Knight, you must join the Knighthood, fight in tourniments and become well versed in the role of the knight as well as develop your own set of medieval combat equipment.

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